Thursday, 14 May 2009

It would seem that there aren't enough hours in a week to fit everything that I need to be doing.

I have a problem with commitment, not lack of commitment, but actually saying 'no' just no I'm sorry I can't fit it in, and my poor husband is suffering silently but I know he's cross.

I have been running every other night and trying to build up my distance, but bizarrly my distant is less? I think it is mainly to do with worn out muscles and they are in need of a rest. My breathing techniques are much better, but I ran this morning on my old regular route and had to stop after 25 minutes because the back of my lower legs were just pounding. I'm going to run again on Saturday morning and try the same route again to see if it was just a one off.

I have had church commitments, and work and NVQ stuff and people ask me all of the time, could we meet for this? could we do that? and I hate to turn people down, so I say yes, and have no time left for myself or my family. I have already agreed to run Friday evening and remembered I have promised to go to the pictures with Mark and Grace because I was running when they went last week (although I didn't really relish the prospect of Hannah Montana) this week it is Coraline and I am a bit of a Tim Burton fan, so I have to cancel my running and change it to Saturday morning instead. That then frees me up on Sunday, because the last few have been spent at church in the am followed by running in the afternoon whilst Mark cooks Sunday lunch and looks after the children and its his day off too.

So, knew commitment, learn to say no before I burn out and take everyone down with me....