Tuesday, 19 August 2008


After years and years of Grace plaguing for a pet, and the fact that Mark absolutely despises animals......... he eventually gave in, hence the little bundle below on a previous post.

Grace constantly used her CF as an angle to needing a pet,myself also.

Little pussy cat went to the vets today for her very first check up, and guess what??.... she's now on antibiotics for a respiratory infection, and of all the people in the house, Mark is the only one she will go to, it was so funny this morning watching him try to read the horse racing page whilst the cat was walking all over the paper..... cheered me up no end x

Monday, 18 August 2008


Grace as a catterpillar in DR Doolittle and Bitsy Binx
Wow! August already, doesn't time fly?

Well this is what we've been up to since I last blogged.......

We have been down to Devon for a week, to have a bit of a break and also to check out properties. From the properties that we saw, and also the fact that Faye is still undecisive about her further education at the moment, we have decided to put the move on hold for a bit longer.

Mark is no longer at the bookies, but work is a bit thin on the ground, and we are just hoping that it starts to come in as soon as his advertising goes into the yellow pages at the beginning of October. Currently he is distributing leaflets by the hundreds, but not a lot of work has come in yet. Still I have told him that when the children go back to school everyone wants painting and decorating done..... Its hard though..the waiting, he keeps thinking should I apply for a job or should I stick it out??

After a week in Devon we had a major hectic week with Grace in a 3 day show with nightly performances and a matinee. Rehearsals and photo shoots, costume fittings etc, you name it and we had done it in that week. Still it went really well and all of the proceeds went to purchasing equiptment for the oncology department at University hospital Coventry as 'Emily' a little girl in nursery ballet has been undergoing treatment, and had a kidney removed because of cancer.

We finished the show on Saturday evening and the following day we were off to Dorset for a week, and we had a thouroughly good time at both holidays! We were very lucky with the weather as its been dreadful since.

Grace must have thrived on her breaks as she had a glowing report from her consultant and he was very pleased with her, although I have currently changed her meds to augmentin this week as she was being troubled a little by a bit of a loose cough, but generally very well.

Two days ago we bought a little rescue kitten..... she's so cute, but she's not too good today, not eating or drinking and very sleepy, but hopefully she's just adjusting to the change, but she's going to the vets tomorrow for a full check up. We have been through a whole range of names...but we have finally settled on Bitsy-Binx, this is because after narrowing it down to two, Grace and Faye couldn't choose so now she has both of them.

I'll post some pictures shortly.......

I've not been around much generally due to the battle in my head with Mark having no work and being constantly scared, but i'm learning to see positives and I am working my way through it. I have applied for some jobs myself in Healthcare, but so far have had no repies, other than confirmation emails that the applications have been received..... still it gives me a chance to get the pusskins settled in, but I was really looking forward to getting involved in some training for a new job.