Thursday, 18 September 2008

I Defy you not to be cheered up by this!

Grace said some children from year six sang this in their assembly last week and had no idea what it was. I showed her this on Youtube and since then we have sung it every morning whilst getting ready for school and even now I still can't stop laughing at it.

I have been making my first Christmas cakes today (last year went terribly down the pan due to Grace being so ill) but I'm back on target and up and running again now, obviously I sang manamana! the whole time I was making them, i'll be singing it in my sleep soon!

It really cheers you up.

Still no reply from 'Foot in mouth' interview, I think that speaks for itself really. Anyway, I officially start tomorrow as a 'Childminders mate' and looking forward to it greatly. well actually I went to my first Sure start meeting and got invited on the Christmas night out! What a socialite am I?.... we have booked into a hotel and we will be using all of the facilitities! (I know, but I've had wine) and then an evenings entertainment of dinner followed by tribute act (no idea which one) and disco.....time for sparkly shoes and then stay overnight followed by fat breakfast in the morning and home after that. Now thats what I call a Christmas night out.

Mark has got a few jobs this week, he has two painting and decorating jobs and he has to go to Emmaus tomorrow for a big gardening contract. Emmaus is local to us, its a place where the homeless can go and be fed and a bed in exchange for working. The job includes collecting and distributing of furniture from around the city. I do not know if its a national company, but it seems to work very well here..... and also their surrounding grounds are very over grown.

Mark has gone to do an extra filming thingy this evening, he has a part in a nativity film in Coventry city centre. Its a very warm evening and he has to wear a scarf and gloves.... but atleast he is off the computer and not in!!! (sorry about the exclamations, but its nice to be home alone).

Grace has gone to her friends for tea and won't be back until 6.30. Ridhi is her very good school friend and she has just moved into our street so its all very exiting. Health wise she is doing ok, flagging a little since being back at school, but we are hoping that she will over come this once settled into her routine. Breathing a little heavy again, but nothing major is bothering her. She is due in BCH clinic next Wednesday so we will see how well she is doing.

And Faye, well Faye is never in these days, i'm thinking of getting one of those pigeon whole thingys that they have in hotel lobbys for keys and post haha!

A blog that I follow regularly made me laugh greatly when the blogger accidentally phoned home from her mobile and thought she was getting a dodgy heavy breathing type phone call, it made me think back to a night out a few weeks ago where upon I was attempting to be 'all cool like' and managed to zip my chiffony top into my handbag and couldn't pay for my drinks for about 20 minutes whilst trying to pick myself out of it..........don't think I will be going to that establishment again.

I'm off to get another glass of wine now and make my cheeks warm and rosy because I haven't got to go out or be taxi to anyone this evening.

Monday, 15 September 2008

I had an interview for a clerical position at the hospital on Friday. I originally applied for atleast 10 positions as a Healthcare assistant, basically a non-qualified nursing support. I just felt it was time for a change and quite fancied the challenge. I applied for a couple of clerical positions as well because thats what I have done all of my life.

This lead to Fridays interview for a support secretary. I've always like the job that I have done, but that kind of work always brings a lot of stress and hassle for very little money. I mean Aldi staff get £8.00 per hour for sitting on a checkout. So I fancied something different and interesting.

I have also looked into doing a childminding course so that I can earn money and be around for Grace too. Thats probably the least favourite of my options but the most sensible.

Anyway, being a bit rusty in the interview stakes, I decided to look on line at standard interview questions and answers and brush up on what was 'now'. I got together a highly polished package and was ready.............. until they started asking questions and my tongue developed a very dry thick coating (thick being the operative word) my brain emptied and I couldn't remember a thing..... I was grasping for words and eventually it was just a lot of babble.

I'd like to say that hopefully the interviewers were looking for 'babble' but to be honest my heart was just not in it and I didn't want to work there. Well, saying that, it would be nice to be back in work and amongst 'workers' but I know in my heart of hearts that I would be constantly worrying about Grace and worried that I won't be able to hold down the job if she's ill.

So I think that I have resigned myself to the fact that being a childminder is my best option.................. I'll write more on the subject when I know what I want to say next, but it has made feel much more relaxed than I have been knowing that I can earn and take care of Grace. Also, my neighbour who is already a childminder is going to employ me as her 'assistant' so that I can train quickly and she benefits from twins that she cannot care for on her own, so I may be up and running much quicker than I thought............. God certainly works in mysterious ways Suzie

I still haven't received any correspondance with regard to the Healthcare Assistant positions so I suppose thats a no go too?

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Oh dear what can the matter be!

Grace had to take a treasured posession to school today for R.E. I suggested she take in her acapella but she said "by no means do I treasure that thing"!

Instead she took in a bear that belonged to me, but I gave him to her to help her through difficult times because he is very old and qualified in sympathy.

His name is Poo and he is 44, a bit battered and a bit sewn up in places, due to an eye falling out and his arm being pulled off and once my niece vomited on him after eating a curly wurly (curly hurly more like) so he had to have a bit of a trip to the launderette.

Anyway Grace told me all about it when she got home, and told me in detail all of the things she told the class about the bear. I then asked about things that other children had taken in, and there were lots of bears and Grace was most impressed by her friend Charlie, she had brought in her HSM book and inside there was a song that she had written herself. Grace said she sung the song to the whole class! and she sang it beautifully and she had an amazing voice. Charlie has been separated from her Mummy recently because she has had to have an operation and had to stay quite a long way from home. I know that she will be home on Saturday, but I just wanted to say - I hope you have a speedy recovery and that you should be very proud of Charlie.

The other thing that Grace told me was that she got locked in the school toilet today and was there almost an hour before anyone noticed that she was missing from class. The teacher then had to stack things on a chair to climb up high enough to reach over the door to get it open. Poor Grace was shouting help for ages and she even tried to squeeze under the door! and unfortunately no one came to the toilet during her whole ordeal! Thank goodness for Vivienne whom eventually remembered Grace hadn't returned to class.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Back to School

September already!

Grace has gone back to school, and Faye is.... well Faye, has a place at De Monfort University studying Contempory dance, she also has a place at stage school for 3 years with a teaching degree at the end.

We advised her to do the uni degree as its less money and a ucas loan, the stage school is very expensive and a student bank loan.

It turns out that with student accomodation in Leicester, the price of the loans work out about the same. She is desperate to go the stage school but will do the Contempory degree if we feel its a whole world of debt! She will be atleast 20 big ones in debt at the end! Do all students have this amount of debt? its really scary!

I am struggling to advise her as I didn't go to university and I know nothing about performing arts, but I know that she just adores theatre and jazz and white teeth and jazz hands type of stuff, so any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Grace is still well, although she is finding it a tad tough and got a little out of breath this morning whilst trying to hurry in the rain. I think at the moment that this is just an adjustment to a change in circumstances (going back to school and not laying around all day watching spongebob), however, time will tell.

Grace is due at BCH on 17 for an appointment with Dr W and also she is to do an exercise tolerance test, with the lung function people beforehand. This came about at the last appointment because at that time we took the wheelchair so that she could manage the whole day out. As she is much better presently I am just waiting for the smug physio to say 'I told you so', hence the test is probably a waste of time.

I have been to the gym this morning and they have new treadmills, at my usual speed and distance I thought I was going to kill myself! I did stick out however, and am totally exhausted now. The other machines were definitely worn out in comparison, so I might see some significant changes to my physique!

I have been applying for jobs and I have been looking into healthcare. I have applied for numerous positions, because its easy to do it on line, you just do one application and then copy and paste it to whatever job takes your fancy and then hit send. So far, I have been offered one interview but its for a support secretary, having been in admin all of my life, I don't know if I want to continue, its lots of hastle for not much money or job satisfaction. I am also looking into becoming a childminder, that way, I can earn money, stay home and keep an eye on Grace too! I just have to decide if I want lots of jammy finger prints all over my house again?

Kitty kat has settled in nicely and seems to be in love with Mark, she never moves from his side,(and he feeds her toast and slices of chicken sandwich meat for breakfast), she is currently stretched out fast asleep next to him. So I have been redundant in that department also, hopefully if she learns to make him a cup of tea and iron his shirts, I can have more time to myself.