Monday, 7 July 2008

Yesterdays post was short and sweet as I didn't have a lot of time and I have other things on my mind.

We are currently trying to close down our existing business and are ready to move on and begin another one, but, and its a big but - I have always wanted to move nearer to the coast and Mark feels that we should do it now.

Faye has just finished a HNC and is going on to further education. I feel that she should go to a university and stay on campus or move with us and stay at home, but she has set her mind to a very expensive private school of teaching. I have great concerns that she will run up a huge debt and possibly not finish the course (you have to rely on scholarships after the first year and only if the school deems you good enough to receive one). Also she has to find somewhere to stay and although I will have family in the Coventry area, no one feels that they want to put her up for 3 years.

In my opinion if she goes on campus at Uni for the first year, it would put her in good stead to manage her finances better and be able to rent with students for the last two years, and I would feel much better about her doing that and at a fraction of the cost including the maintenance fee that at the private college.

Its not all about the finance, I just think that she has a wider scope at University rather than specialising in one area only.

I have taken weeks to work out in my head that that is the only thing stopping me from coming to a decision now. We will be going there with no work, but Mark will advertise as soon as we get there and hopefully start jobs more or less straight away. He is going into painting and decorating, one because he has done it on lots of occasions to help out his best friend who does that for a living and two because he is very good at it.

This may all sound like irrelevant rubbish, but when you have a very sick child life has to be relatively problem free so that you can devote all of your time, energy and worries to them without other stuff getting in the way.

With all that in mind, I still think it would be a great thing for Grace if we moved, so I must have come to the right decision????

I forgive the person that left a comment yesterday saying that my blog was irrelevant and not at all interesting, but hey you didn't have to read it, and its meant as a release for me, no one in particular, but if they like reading then what does it matter. I only hope you are never faced with the difficulties that a family looking after a sick child has to deal with every day. Hows that for love week Suzie?

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Graces school has had an international week this week, and Graces class were French.

They had food tastings and dressed up and Grace played Au Clair de la lune on the piano in front of the whole school! I don't have a photo of her playing piano in school, but the one above is her practising at home.

Whilst in photo mode, does anyone want to buy my car? Its been up for sale for ages.... its got 15000, miles on the clock and I have been its only owner.... I can't even get 6000 quid for it :( .................. my poor little car.

I have tried to make a film, well I have made a film of Grace doing IV's, but I just can't manage to upload it. I was inspired by Athies 'Great Escape' which is hilarious by the way and you can see it here. Hopefully as soon as I have managed it, it will be uploaded.