Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Bad week, I've been ill since Friday and I went to the walk in centre last night because its just going on too long, and top of that Grace is unwell also and I'm struggling to look after her..........

It turns out that I have a chest infection, which is totally baffling as I can't feel any tightness, any wheeziness, no coughing or generally anything wrong with my chest?? I have a lot of congestion in my throat which makes it hard for me to swallow, I have a heavy head and swollen glands and I sound very nasal when I talk,but no cold symptoms (secretions). The Dr did however, say that my blood pressure was high.....again I am baffled, I keep fit and don't normally have problems with my blood pressure. Its possible that its just because I am poorly or the fact that I had to drive to the walk in centre by myself at night which is very close to the town centre.

Grace has had a major high temp for a couple of days, but no other symptoms, she is much better today, but still relying on Ibuprofen and calpol, but nowhere near as high. She is on 500mg of clarythromycin anyway so hopefully that will nip anything in the bud.

So both of us have been tucked up in bed for a few days.

I did go to see 'We will rock you' even though I was trying to get rid of my tickets on the morning of the trip at 6 a.m because I felt so ill but it was too short notice and I ended up going absolutely full of medication, it was a long 12 hours but I'm glad i got to see the show it was absolutely fantastic..........

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suzie said...


Hope you're feeling better really soon hunni.

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