Monday, 13 April 2009


I've been so poorly. I apparently had a chest infection, I went to the Dr's after symptoms such as shivery, sweaty, and generally very tired and rough feeling lasted into day 5. I had pain at the back of my head, in my glands and throat and ears.... the Dr at the walk in centre decided it was a chest infection even though I didn't complain about my chest?

So I finish my antibiotics tomorrow and I haven't been able to go out running for 10 days now, and its been torture. I really need to get back out there now, but today is the first day that i have managed without ibuprofen for head pain (technically I think I have had sinusitis) but i'm not a Dr.

Anyway Happy Easter! Grace had been unwell too, she had silly temperatures, 38.9 and such like! but no other symptoms and thankfully it has cleared up without any evidence of anything.

So Friday we went to see 17 again, its criminal looking at Zac Efron without his shirt on at my age! I should be far more interested in Matthew Perry. On Saturday we had to do some shopping for Baptism gifts for my friends daughter and also some Easter gift shopping for Dood who told me he had bought an Easter egg even though we weren't doing gifts for each other, so I bought him an Easter Morrisey cd. After Grace and I had been to the Christian book shop near the Cathedral, she decided she wanted to go up the Spire (gasp) so the lady didn't charge us incase she couldn't make it, but she did all 181 steps and back down again, and at a reasonable pace. She got a certificate verifying it with her name on too! However, I had to virtually drag her back to the carpark saying "I told you not to do it" but she had a great time. From the we went to Nannas for tea, (Easter tea as we could not be there on Sunday). I had a very special event going on, on Sunday.

Sunday morning we went to church and the Church leader delivered the whole sermon dressed as a white rabbit. We had a big family lunch and in the evening went to church again for baptism.

Today we went early to Starbucks for coffee and cakes ( ( had a muffin) and then we went horse racing at Warwick, I don't normally like going on a bank holiday because its full of girls in very short dresses and very large cleavages and lots of fake tan swanning up down like they are on a cat walk put £1 each way on a 2-5 shot and the bookies just taking the bet, anyway I'm only envious because I would probably look like Monica out of 'Shameless' dressed like that and I didn't have a winner all day.

After that we went to our usual Easter break fair and went in the fun house and the dodgems and had a go on hook a dook and went in the arcade to do the slot machines and penny pushers and all of that stuff. We have since come home and had take out dominoes pizza and these chewy hot cookies with chocolate sauce that has given me incredible tooth ache! ...... time for more ibuprofen I think? but still it was a great Easter break especially as Dood has been off (not at work, not as in gone off)to do it all with us.

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charlietiggerific said...

Sounds like you've had a fab day hun!
Was such a privilege to be part of your special day yesterday!
Big hugs!!!
Raych xxxxx