Thursday, 2 April 2009

Man have I had a busy week? I've had to work (violins) and prepare for ofsted and prepare for my NVQ observation. Whilst doing that I have also done lots of piano practise to get ready for my grade1 and I am still doing my Alpha course.

We haven't heard anything with regard to Graces disability status as yet but that could be due to me being late sending in passport sized photos of Grace, and also if they are still giving it some thought and discussion then that has to be a good thing.

I have been for a run this morning and it was last Thursday when I last had the opportunity. I've decided that I will run tomorrow morning or atleast go to the gym and try to catch up on where I've missed out.

Today is the much awaited first day of Aintree and I have made my selections as follows-

2.00 Hills of Aran
2.35 Walk on
3.10 Exotic dancer
3.45 Sonevafushi (nap)
4.20 Poquelin
4.55 Chapoturgeon (not usual for me to pick favourites, but its staring out of the page at me?

5.30 Font and i've also had a little bet on Whinstone boy (a friend springs to mind)

I have not yet made any selections for Saturday and I can't believe that I won't be around for it! I'm going to see 'We will Rock you' in London, and whilst I am very much looking forward to it,I can't believe its Grand National Day! It would have been the first one I would have spent with Mark since he was no longer a bookie!! (he was working for the last four of them). Oh well, I'll just have to find somewhere to have a pimms and try and watch the big race, atleast I will be able to watch it recorded.

Instead I will be singing 'The seven seas of Rye' at the top of my voice........

"Fear me you Lords and lady preachers,
I descend upon your Earth from the skies
I command your very souls you unbelievers
Bring before me what is mine!
The seven seas of Rye".......ooh I'm well excited...

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Hi my name is Joanne and mum to Mya of 5 who has CF also. I came across your blog this evening and find it such a shame about your allowance. We are in the same boat gone from higher to lower we are waiting a tribunal now but i cant see them chnaging. I have today written to Gordon Brown not sure if that will help. I just feel we have to take alot on bpard as it is wihout the hassle and stress this causes to our lives. I really to hope you get a good outcome and your daughter is as well as she can be. All our love and good luck Joanne & Mya x